Setting Intentions

Hello and welcome.

Southeast Karate is a school that is owned and operated by Sensei Troy Hirschkorn and myself, Brittany Bacon, and enhabited by an amazing community of families and students that we have the priviledge of serving and learning from every day.  I write today as a beginning, because even after two years we are still very much at the beginning.  

Starting a new business is exceptionally hard.  You constantly feel inadequate to the task at hand - as if you are inventing the wheel over and over and over again. Neither Troy nor I ever dreamt of being entrepreneurs; each in our own way just wanted the simple life: work and people we cared about and enough money to not worry about things.  But purpose is a funny little trickster, and it can hunt you down and pursue your heart if you remain open to it.

Two years into owning and operating Southeast Karate LLC, we are sitting at a major precipice.  It is time for us to step more fully into our purpose with this karate school and with the community that we serve.  This process will likely include "leaning into discomfort" (a phrase made famous by Miss Brené Brown, PhD. in social work, cultural zeitgeist, and personal source of inspiration).  We are working tirelessly to start new programs and grow our school beyond what is familiar and comfortable, but the work is a stretch by all means of the word. 

This is why I am starting our blog now...  with a few specific intentions.  The first one is primarily selfish; words help me process when things seem too daunting and overwhelming to move foward, and communicating them to others helps me to feel less alone and afraid. 

The other reasons are less selfishly motivated.  I realize that in this digital era of constant accessibility, we can often feel disconnected. People as well as businesses can become less transparent and less personable - all of them melting into the facade of social media that they present to the world.  

If you are like myself and Troy, you want to feel connected to the people in your community and to the businesses that you support.  You want transparency and you want to build relationship and trust on the individual level. This blog will be a place where you can get to know us - our motivations, our inspirations, and our passion.  

A mentor of mine used to say that you can have either growth, or stability and comfort, but you cannot have both at the same time.  Here we go, leaning into the instability and discomfort, all the while gently holding our silent prayer for strength as we grow.