Our Vision. Our Mission.

at Kazoku karate we believe that who you are on the mat reflects who you are in life. karate is the instrument for the development of mental and physical strength as well as the development of integrity and character.

We are devoted to building a community rich in these qualities both inside and outside of the dojo walls.  

Kazoku Karate is owned and operated by Alejandro Rodriguez, a Yondan (4th degree Blackbelt) in Wado Ryu style Karate.  Sensei Alejandro has over 28 years practicing Karate, teaching for over 15 years. He was taught by his father Sensei Pedro Rodriguez a Hachidan (8th degree Blackbelt) in Wado Ryu sltyle Karate.  Together they work to support students rounded growth in as many areas as possible.

Their shared vision around community empowerment and philanthropy have spurred a dedication to making karate and all of its benefits accessible to as many people as possible.  Kazoku Karate will never deny service to anyone, and works on a case by case basis to provide for those in need. 

Head instructor, Sensei Alejandro Rodriguez  thrives on building relationships with his students and facilitating their growth by identifying individual strengths and building upon them. 

Kazoku Karate is unique for the intimate relationship that Sensei Pedro and Sensei Alejandro build with their students, and for the relationships students build with each other. They are devoted to the protection and cultivation of a supportive and inviting community culture that reflects the integrity of the art of karate.

Perseverance, discipline and will are values lost in today’s society, we teach our students how to be confident, dedicated and courteous individuals for the future
— Sensei Alejandro Rodriguez

Where we came from and where we're headed

Kazoku Karate opened as Southeast Karate in February of 2016.  We have continued to grow steadily since that time as a small school and business specializing in the instruction of Wado Ryu Karate which is a strictly Japanese style of karate.  Students can begin training at any age, as young as 4 or even well into adulthood.  All levels of experience are welcome here. 

Kazoku Karate is a school for the average student as well as serious competitors. Kazoku Karate students were placing in competitions across the country less than a year after opening and their reputation has only continued to expand with time.  We continue to grow our competition programs for elite level competitors.  Having been one himself, Sensei Alejandro continues to dedicate time and energy to growing high-level athletes with programming designed to enhance strength, agility, endurance, and mental fortitude. 

Though we continue to expand, we remain a dojo that is first and foremost about integrity of character and empowerment, with a strong vision around philanthropy.  Our continued  focus remains on community outreach through building partnerships and programs with local non-profit organizations.  Our hope is to have a lasting positive impact in the Upstate region, making the world a better place one student at a time. 


Being a part of Kazoku Karate is being a part of a community. Come and join us today so that you too can enjoy the many benefits of learning martial arts!