In Partnership with the YMCA of Greenville

Satellite Karate Programs with Southeast Karate LLC


Southeast Karate and the YMCA of Greenville are proud to present after-school karate

Why Should Your Child Practice Martial Arts?

  • They will get more active

  • They’ll have improved focus

  • They’ll gain self-confidence, self-respect, and improve their self-esteem

  • They’ll have improve coordination

  • They’ll gain self-mastery and self-regulation

  • They’ll practice patience and delayed gratification

  • They’ll build community and lasting friendships

 Our after-school karate programs take place in 12-week sessions in both the spring and the fall at 5 different locations.  

  • YPC (Adams Mill) : Mondays

  • Caine Halter : Tuesdays

  • George I. Theisen : Wednesdays

  • Eastside Y : Fridays

  • Prisma : Saturdays

Each location hosts one karate class a week for 12 weeks allowing participating students to build entry-level skills including basic punches, blocks, kicks, stances and forms. Students will get a solid introduction to the art and practice of karate or build upon knowledge they already possess, providing them with life-skills that will serve them for years to come!

Now, for the first time ever, enrollment in these programs includes one additional class per week at the dojo 

Fall Session Start Date: MONDAY 9/02/19